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The Believe System has been designed to accommodate a broad range of aspirations from both the sales person and sales management.

From the salesman’s perspective it sets out clear objectives and rewards based on agreed performance levels. It also states the lowest levels of performance which could be considered job threatening! The system operates over several levels catering for a broad range of selling skills, from novice to expert, enabling a progressive path of career development even in a small company.

The relevance of the system from a business planning perspective is that it is designed to enable the management to reasonably asses a number of individuals across a range of skill levels against the businesses plan sales target. Key areas of performance which positively impact on company profitability are used to drive the plan. With this system in place the five key areas can be given individual weighting totaling 100% which in simple terms could see each category attract a 20% weighting. The advantage of operating this system is that it allows individuals the possibility of producing a 100% performance even when some of the categories may not have achieved their specific target levels, as a short fall in one area can be made up by an over target performance in an other.

The flexibility of the system allows for the weightings to be adjusted for every individual in a sales team allowing the manager to directly influence the key areas he might require each individual to focus on. It’s recommended that the weightings are not adjusted during a measured period (generally six months).

The strength of the system is that rather than measuring success soley on performance against profit target, a measure which can often shorten the career of potentially good sales people as well as less capable candidates, this system can actively drive people towards activities which might bring real benefit to the company over the medium to long term rather than focusing blindly on the few deals which may or may not generate a job saving performance this month. bringing benefit to the company and a sense of achievement to the sales person.

Individual performances are automatically collated to show a real time team performance against business plan objectives.

Many companies have difficulties in managing and motivating their sales forces, often operating without real structure or direction which creates a difficult environment for success to occur. Believe offer a unique breadth of services, which when followed and applied, will produce measurable improvements in performance allowing accurate business planning and forecasting.

The believe system can be used as a vehicle to completely refocus on the application of effort as a significant proportion of annual income will be associated with the measured, consistent effort over a given time frame (generally six months).

This could be as much as 20% of the annual take home, however in order to capture this massive reward, the individual would have to deliver an on target effort average of 100% per month, reviewed each 6 month period ie. 600% over the 6 months.

The sustained increase in effort over the period will vastly improve the closeable business available and provide sufficient additional income to more than cover any bonus payments due.