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Below are posted a selection of screen shots from www.grampian.com as it was back in 2004. Joining Grampian Business Products as the companies first salesman in 1981, and then building a successful career over 25 after which time, as joint owner, the business was sold and Blackmask was formed.

If you are familiar with GBP you might enjoy travelling back in time to read about the goings on circa. 2006 with a nod back further in time to when the company relocated to their new HQ in Aberdeen’s Virginia Street back in 1990.

In 1993 Grampian Business Products we leading the way by being one of the first companies in Scotland to adopt ‘Pool Bartering’ asa means of trading with new and existing clients, this T.V. clip from the local Grampian News explains how the company would benefit from this process.