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In 2006, I set up Blackmask to offer my services as a Sales Mentor. I was interested in working with smaller businesses who were struggling with sales, and I offered them support to address this using a range of affordable measures which could be easily implemented and likely to deliver early gains for the client.

I also reconnected with my Sales Guru and mentor, the one who had been responsible for the mapping of my sales destiny since 1989. The timing could not have been better as my mentor was looking to rebrand and repurpose his own business, and we worked together on developing both the image and a the new business model which was to become Believe, a high level sales development organisation specialising in delivering achievable growth by embedding a Structured Sales Process into client businesses.

Over the next 9 year I had the pleasure of working with many companies and developed a versatile programme of support packages which could address most needs. These ranged from helping businesses develop a more sales focussed web presence, helping to be heard above the noise, to teaching how to identify and develop needs and a better chance of closing sales.

In 2015 I came into contact with the Business Gateway and found significant common interest in what we were offering our clients. This led to a very unexpected development, one which has enabled me to share my knowledge with a great many more businesses that I ever would have imagined possible.

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