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Why use a POS (Powerful Opening Statement)

Many salespeople struggle to find the words to capture favourable attention quickly. This can be a real problem when trying to make a meeting for example, an ill prepared attempt can often lead to saying more than you ought to, giving enough information your important potential client for them to decide you don’t have anything they require.

If this situation sounds familiar, then you will know it’s almost impossible to reverse back and start again. Even if you could, if you haven’t thought carefully about what you need to say, you’ll probably make the same mistake again.

The better approach would be to think carefully about the potential issues your potential client might have, and fashion a statement which will imply your ability to address such an issue.

If I use my own service as an example, the temptation to explain the important modules we cover across a range of important subjects might be difficult to resist, but before you know it your talking about sales training and the cost of delivery. Your potential client may have tried something similar before and be doubtful of the benefits available resulting in a fruitless endeavour.

An alternative approach would be to explain in a clear simple way why a meeting would be worthwhile and you should be able to confirm a meeting without sharing too much detail and talking yourself out of the meeting.

Something like this might work;

Hi there, thanks for taking my call, my name is Luke Skywalker and I run Sales Workshops on behalf of the Business Gateway designed to help businesses sell their stuff. If you could do with a bit of help to sell some more of your stuff then I think you’ll find the workshop really helpful. I was hoping I could arrange a meeting to see you next week to explain the process and see how it could work for you.